The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt

$ 18.95

The Crystal Healer is a result of Philip Permutt's personal journey with crystals over the past fifteen years and is a practical guide to help you draw upon the unique qualities of crystals and balance the energy fields around you to bring deeper wellbeing.

Crystal Remedies enables you to look up an ailment and select the appropriate crystal for your treatment. From migraines and insomnia to muscle aches, eczema and other allergies or to beat exhaustion or give yourself a confidence boost, this section will be able to find the right crystals for you! With 250 common ailments listed and with full descriptions of how to work with crystals for each condition, you'll discover that crystal healing can be both satisfying and simple to do. As Philip Permutt says "Whether this is the start of your journey with crystals or another step on your path, may this book help you with each change as you walk towards health, happiness and harmony."


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