*SALE* Nala Malas: The Lover Mala

$ 325.00

The Lover Mala is the ultimate attractor of love in all forms. Rose quartz is known to be *the love stone*. Helps bring creativity and soothe the heart space.

Approximately 16" long {54 beads}

Rose Quartz & Labradorite

Cotton handmade tassel 

14kt gold plated beads & 23kt gold plated charms 

The Nala Malas are beautifully crafted Malas from a native Brazilian artist. Each piece is made with positive and pure intention. Each bead is individually  knotted which signifies each step we take in life, eventually leading to our truth. Using high grade/quality semi and precious stones, as well as, materials to make each mala special, unique and to be treasured as a sacred piece of jewelry. Made for meditative or an on the go lifestyles.

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