Bottega Organica: Multi-active face serum | Grape, apricot & wheat germ

$ 88.00

This replenishing serum is naturally enhanced with a unique blend of botanical ingredients that are extremely rich in anti-aging properties: grape and olive leaves, wheat germ, apricot extracts, French lilac, golden sage and prawn sage.

All natural and 100% vegan, Bottega Organica concoct organic skincare products with ingredients that have been harvested from their coastal farms in Italy and up state New York. These farms grow fruits and herbs with anti-aging properties and are cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

All plants are wildcrafted or organically grown and then processed in accordance with 100% natural and traditional methods directly onsite, in the farm’s apothecary. No synthetic ingredients ever: no preservatives, fragrances, dyes or petroleum derivatives of any kind.


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